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Bi-folding Doors

Transform your home with Slim Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors. 

Contemporary slim Cortizo aluminium bifold doors can easily transform your self-build, renovation or house extension. They are designed to cover large openings, and we offer a great range of configurations, focusing on practicality and easy access.

Why choose bifolds?

Bifold doors are floor-to-ceiling doors made up of panels hinged together that run on panels on the floor and ceiling. The panels fold back into a compact space, opening up a large doorway without restricting its size.

They’re a great option to make a room feel bigger and brighter, allowing you to utilise 90% of an entire wall as a doorway. They work well both internally to divide rooms and externally to lead out to a garden.

Bifolds are an excellent choice for adding value to your home. Some experts estimate that good-quality bifolds such as Cortizo bifolding doors can increase the resale value of your property by up to 10%.

Why choose Cortizo?

Cortizo is a reputable systems company with a significant presence in Europe and the UK. Their bifold doors are ideal for a variety of properties, from traditional houses to contemporary newbuilds. Choose Cortizo for:

  • Quality. Cortizo bi folding doors are all designed to the highest possible quality and provide an exceptional level of performance for years. New Cortizo bifold doors are thoroughly tested in one of Europe’s leading testing centres and come with a long-lasting guarantee, so you can have complete confidence in the quality of your doors.
  • Adjustability. With up to 14 sashes available, alongside outside and inside openings, you are certain that these bi-fold doors will fit your requirements. There is the possibility of either even or odd numbers of sashes and you’re bound to be able to choose a design that suits your needs. Cortizo also offers many different opening types to choose from.
  • Energy efficiency. Cortizo bifold doors products will offer you maximum energy efficiency and resistance against atmospheric agents with their innovative construction. They offer incredibly thermal insulation and weather resistance, Ultra-compact, innovative design. Bifold doors are one of the best space-saving door options on the market, and Cortizo products are no exception. Each panel has a sightline of just 120mm, meaning that they are some of the most compact on the market when folded.
  • Accessibility. Cortizo bifolding doors are an excellent solution to improve the accessibility of your property since they use an inlaid bottom frame. With Cortizo, there are no hazardous thresholds that could prove problematic for mobility aid users or those with limited mobility.

Are Cortizo bifolding doors right for my home?

Bifold doors are the perfect choice for any modern home. Some customers in well-populated areas may be concerned that with such large expanses of glass, they are less secure than a more traditional French door or sliding door. However, bifold doors are usually fitted with ultra-secure multi-point locking systems and come with double glazing as in industry standard.

Customers with homes in areas typically exposed to the elements may also wonder about weatherproofing. A significant advantage of bifold doors is that you can opt for triple glazing for better insulation. Choosing Cortizo aluminium doors ensures that your bifold door frames are durable.

Bifold doors are also excellent for those who enjoy feeling close to nature. Cortizo bifolding doors allow for unrivalled views and natural light and will open up the room they are added to. Even when closed, bifold doors will make your room feel like it extends right into your garden.

Cortizo offers a wide range of door sizes, so no matter the height and width of your desired installation point, a Cortizo door will fit your property.

If your primary concern is whether bifold doors will suit your property, Cortizo’s bifolding doors are an excellent choice for you. They are available in a variety of finishes and colour options, from bicolour systems, wood effect powder coating or even colour powder coating in mottled finishes. There are many more excellent solutions and options also available! No matter your requirements, Cortizo bifold doors will be able to meet any requirements you may have.

When you purchase a Cortizo bifold door, you’ll find yourself mesmerised by its smooth and effortless functionality. It is sturdy and rigid, able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Suitable for a variety of homes, you’ll be more than happy with the quality of your new bifold doors. Many exclusive window and door systems for the industry have been designed and produced by Cortizo from bifold doors to sliding doors.

Key benefits of Cortizo bifold doors:

  • Slim line bifold doors.
  • High security lock system PAS24
  • Stocked colours Anthracite grey. (RAL 7016) Jet black (RAL9005) Brilliant White (RAL 9016)
  • Engineered to achieve doors sizes of 1200mm wide x 3000mm high.
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Thermal insulation


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